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Helper classes that maintain the content model of XMLSchema in the binding classes.

AttributeUse and ElementDeclaration record information associated with a binding class, for example the types of values, the original XML QName or NCName, and the Python field in which the values are stored. They also provide the low-level interface to set and get the corresponding values in a binding instance.

Wildcard holds content-related information used in the content model.

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A helper class that encapsulates everything we need to know about the way an attribute is used within a binding class.
State for a pyxb.utils.fac.Automaton monitoring content for an incrementally constructed complex type binding instance.
Base class for pyxb.utils.fac.Symbol instances associated with PyXB content models.
Information about a schema element declaration reference.
Information about a schema wildcard element.
Helper for element content that supports multiple occurences.
Aggregate the information relevant to an element of a complex type.
Placeholder for wildcard objects.
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  __package__ = 'pyxb.binding'