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Module structures

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Classes corresponding to W3C XML Schema components.

Class names and behavior should conform to the schema components described in XML Schema Part 1: Structures. References to sections in the documentation of this module generally refers to that document.

Each class has a CreateFromDOM class method that creates an instance and initializes it from a DOM node. Only the Wildcard, Particle, and ModelGroup components are created from non-DOM sources. However, the requirements on DOM interface are restricted to attributes, child nodes, and basic fields, though all these must support namespaces.

Classes [hide private]
A helper that encapsulates a reference to an anonymous type in a different namespace.
An XMLSchema Attribute Declaration component.
An XMLSchema Attribute Use component.
An XMLSchema Element Declaration component.
An XMLSchema Attribute Group Definition component.
An XMLSchema Model Group Definition component.
An XMLSchema Model Group component.
An XMLSchema Particle component.
An XMLSchema Wildcard component.
An XMLSchema Identity Constraint Definition component.
An XMLSchema Notation Declaration component.
An XMLSchema Annotation component.
An XMLSchema Simple Type Definition component.
An XMLSchema Schema.
A mix-in that marks the class as representing a schema component.
This class is a mix-in which guarantees that only one instance of the class will be created.
Mix-in that supports an optional single annotation that describes the component.
Mix-in to hold the name and targetNamespace of a component.
Mix-in indicating that the component contains a simple-type value that may be constrained.
Mix-in class for named components that have a scope.
Support for components that accept attribute wildcards.
    Ur Type Specializations
Subclass ensures there is only one ur-type.
Subclass ensures there is only one simple ur-type.
Data associated with an import statement within a schema.
Functions [hide private]
Add to the schema the definitions of the built-in types of XMLSchema.
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Variables [hide private]
  _log = <logging.Logger object>
  _PastAddBuiltInTypes = True
  __package__ = 'pyxb.xmlschema'
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Add to the schema the definitions of the built-in types of XMLSchema. This should only be invoked by pyxb.namespace when the built-in namespaces are initialized.