License and Disclaimers


PyXB as a whole is made available under the Apache License v 2.0. For full details see the LICENSE file in the distribution.

PyXB uses the six <> module for Python 2/3 Compatible Source support.

About the Demonstration Web Services

There seem to be very few free public web services that are maintained and provide an interesting capability that does not require significant effort to demonstrate in an satisfactory way.

The Examples in the PyXB documentation refer to web services found through Google and other search engines. Some of these services are free; for others the API schemas could be obtained by anonymous download but use of the service would require a paid subscription.

These web services are used for demonstration purposes only. If you represent a company providing one of these services and object to its use in this way, email the developer to have the service references removed. If you provide interesting web services and would like to contribute to open source development and the promotion of web services by explicitly permitting this use, email the developer.